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About Our Company

Who are we?

Established in 2008, our company initially offered transportation services only on the Austrian route; but over time, we expanded our fields of activity and continued to produce solutions in the logistics sector as a company that has managed to combine all the logistics services our customers need under one roof.

Our company has operational offices in Istanbul and Sakarya and uses the agency system for its overseas services. Our company, which has successfully established its international network with its strong partners, plays an active and fast role in logistics services with its agencies all over the world.

Knowing that what matters in the logistics sector is “Trust” and “Professional Process Management”, we create our business plans, and with our Customer Management Team that can be reached 24/7, we constantly meet the first-class service expectations of the companies we are solution partners with.

We provide online tracking services for our customers' products with our environmentally friendly U and L engine self-owned vehicles that comply with Euro 5 and Euro 6 norms. In addition, we are effectively fulfilling the demands of our customers with Box Container, Swap Body Equipment and Block Train transportation services by using Multimodal and Intermodal transportation systems in order to provide advantages to our customers in competitive market conditions.


To provide alternative and innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations by using technological developments in order to respond instantly to the needs of all our customers.


To be one of the leading companies in the sector that offers boutique services to its customers within the framework of corporate understanding.


● Meeting the current and future expectations of our customers in accordance with the process and solution partnership perspective
● Ensuring continuity in our growth by acquiring information that will lead to innovation and development
● By meeting the expectations of our employees, increasing social sharing and protecting mutual respect
● Being sensitive to the expectations of the society and the environment, predicting the environmental problems that future generations may experience and designing our business processes accordingly
● Keeping the promises made to our business partners, adhering to ethical values
● Operating in accordance with the “Win-Win” approach to ensure joint development in partnerships with the suppliers, agencies, NGOs, etc.
● Undertaking tasks that will push the limits of knowledge and skills, even in difficult jobs
● Achieving success together by solving the problems and challenging tasks we face as a team