Founded in 2008 and initially only providing transport services along the Austria line, Trans Austria since expanded its area of operations and managed to integrate all logistics services required by its clients.

Believing that Human Resources are the most important resources there are, our company manages Logistics Processes with its experienced and high-quality staff, and is able to provide effective solutions to our clients' requirements with cutting edge investments.

With operations offices in Istanbul, Turkey and Sakarya, Turkey; our company utilizes the agency system in foreign services. Managing to establish an effective foreign network with its strong partners, our company plays an active and quick role in Logistics Processes with agencies located all over the world.

With fully-owned eco-friendly U-type and L-type motor vehicles that are in accordance with EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards, our company provides online vehicle and cargo tracking services to its clients.

Similarly, with fully-owned SWAP BODY and BOX CONTAINER equipment, our company provides a competitive edge to its clients while managing the entire process with a centralized approach with the help of its expert staff and achieving high customer satisfaction.